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Bathroom Case Study - Flow Bathrooms & Kitchens Modern Bathroom

Bathroom Case Study - Flow Bathrooms & Kitchens Modern Bathroom
Flow Bathrooms and Kitchens Modern Bathrooms

This luxurious bathroom by Flow Bathrooms and Kitchens Ltd exudes indulgence. Featuring a spacious room with a freestanding slipper bath, a walk-in shower enclosure with both overhead and handheld showers, a generously sized curved vanity unit with an inset basin, and a wall-hung toilet, this bathroom has it all.

The freestanding slipper bath, framed by full-length windows, is a statement piece with its modern styling and clean curved lines. This curve is echoed throughout the bathroom in the mirrors, wall-hung vanity unit, and inset basin, creating a cohesive flow. The vanity unit is positioned below two large windows and a thin mirror, providing ample natural light and making the mirror highly functional.

The walk-in shower enclosure and wall-hung toilet maintain the clean, simplistic styling of the bathroom. The flush fittings and concealed shower system in the walk-in shower offer a sleek design, while the wall-hung toilet's cistern is hidden within the wall for a polished finish. The wall-hung design also gives the illusion of more floor space.

This modern bathroom offers both spaciousness and sophistication with its neutral colour palette, sleek styling, and carefully considered products. Every element works in harmony to create a luxurious space that exceeds all expectations.


This bathroom was installed by Flow Bathrooms and Kitchens Ltd; a Bathroom Village approved installation company.

Flow Bathrooms Modern Bathroom Installation

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