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Bathroom Trends - Cottage Core

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Cottage Core Bathroom Trends

The Cottage Core design trend is currently taking over interiors, combining an eclectic mix of farmhouse, traditional and classic styles. Formerly the style became popular in the 2010s, with Cottage Core portraying an element of warmth and comfort. It is this warmth and comfort that romanticised the idea of Cottage Core in the present day. With the coronavirus pandemic, the idealisation of rural comfort became a common goal for many.

You can achieve the Cottage Core trend by including natural materials, traditional feature products and neutral colour palettes in your bathroom.

Wood and ceramic are the foundation of natural materials used within the Cottage Core trend. You can introduce light woods to soften the space through flooring, worktops and wood panelling, while ceramic tiles and basins offer a complimentary soft white finish. To create a slightly more rustic style Cottage Core bathroom, looking at natural materials such as copper, nickel and gold. Incorporate these finishes dramatically through basins and baths or subtly through your brassware.

When it comes to centrepieces within Cottage Core bathrooms, luxury and charm are the most influential factors. The space you have available will dictate how extravagant you can be with your focal product; however, freestanding cast iron baths with roll top and claw foot details are a popular choice. If you don't have space for a freestanding bath, don't worry, other products also convey this trend. You can partner traditionally styled basins with chrome basin frames to achieve an iconic farmhouse look. Farmhouse style freestanding vanity units with countertop basins can also portray the Cottage Core trend. These vanity units should have a light wood or light paint finish.

Throughout the entire space, Cottage Core bathrooms consist of neutral and soft colour palettes. The natural materials previously mentioned fall perfectly into these types of schemes due to their neutral assets. They also partner perfectly with delicate colour schemes such as duck egg blues and pastel shades. Introduce these colour schemes through the bathroom's accessories and soft furnishings or floral wallpaper.

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