Bathroom Trends - Modern Vintage

Bathroom Trends - Modern Vintage
Bathroom Trends - Modern Vintage
Modern Vintage is a trend that fuses multiple styles to create a single look. Modern designs with contemporary clean lines and neutral colours have long been a firm favourite for homeowners. However, traditional designs that exude luxury and offer a classic style are also a popular option. The Modern Vintage trend allows you to combine both these designs into a single eclectic style.

One of the most popular modern design elements is a black framed shower enclosure. Adding this highly modern design feature into a profoundly traditional space allows the two styles to merge in a complementary fashion. In the bathroom below, there's a repetition of black accents throughout the modern and traditional products. This repetition allows the individual items to complement each other without the design differences clashing.
Traditional Cottage Farmhouse Modern Shower  Traditional Cottage Farmhouse Modern Shower

Bathtubs often create gorgeous statement pieces in larger bathrooms, and due to containing multiple separate products, it can be the perfect space to blend two styles. In the bathroom below, the luxurious freestanding bath offers an elegant traditional design. Complementing this bath is a highly modern, matte black bath shower mixer. The partnership between these two products creates the perfect blend of Modern Vintage. As well as the products themselves, the half-height white metro tiles give a classic backdrop, while the hexagonal marble floor tiles present a more modern look.
Our Northumberland Nest Modern Vintage Bathroom  Our Northumberland Nest Modern Vintage Bathroom

Within the bath area in your bathroom, you can also reverse the styles above. Opting for a modern freestanding bath that oozes luxury, you can partner this with a traditional bath shower mixer. This partnership of products successfully achieves the Modern Vintage trend and can sit in both a traditional or contemporary space with ease.
Modern Vintage Bath Tub
With a multitude of product combinations, you can implement the modern vintage trend in any bathroom. Whether you start small by introducing a new opposing style of taps or remodel your entire bathroom to capture the Modern Vintage style, this trend gives an array of flexibility and the chance to inject your own style throughout.

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