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Bathroom Trends - Black In Bathrooms

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Bathroom Trends - Black In Bathrooms

Whether you're adding statement features, or creating a moody sanctuary, black is most definitely back when it comes to bathroom spaces. With countless designers now offering a range of black finishes in both modern and traditional ranges, it's easier than ever to embrace this classy style.

With such a wide variety of styles lending themselves to this bathroom trend, we thought you might like some inspiration!


Black Bathroom Fixtures

There is no denying black bathroom fixtures convey luxury and elegance. Adding black features such as taps and showerheads will give your bathroom a simple yet sophisticated finish. If you're looking to revamp your bathroom space through simple changes, this look may be the one for you.


Black in Bathrooms Black Fixtures


Black & White Balance

Monochrome has always been a go-to colour palette for interior spaces due to the perfect balance it can offer. With a colour palette so versatile as black and white, the possibilities for incorporating it into your bathroom are endless. From black sanitaryware and white walls through white tiles and black grout, this complementary palette looks effortless.


Black in Bathrooms Black & White Balance


Moody Sanctuary

Want to try something more daring than simple statement features? Introducing black sanitary ware and vanity units into a bathroom with a dark wall colour creates a luxe feel within the space. This ultra-dark interpretation of the trend forms a moody and dramatic sanctuary that oozes luxury. 


Black in Bathrooms Moody Sanctuary


Don't Forget Accessories!

Accessories are the perfect way to complete your statement black bathroom. While these understated touches may seem minor, they have the potential to take your bathroom to the next level. Not only can these products be used to complete a look, but they can also become the look themselves. Adding these as a small black detail in your bathroom can create a simple yet effective statement.


Black in Bathrooms Accessories



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