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Bathroom Trends - Calming Minimalism

∙ By Rebecca Duckering ∙ 0 comments

Bathroom Trends - Calming Minimalism

Self-care and wellness are currently a priority for many. As this shift in behaviour continues to grow, it comes as no surprise that the humble home bathroom is receiving a spa-like transformation. Incorporating calming minimalism into your bathroom allows you to create a tranquil environment, the perfect basis for designing a spa-like sanctuary. 

Calming environments often focus on bringing natural and organic elements into an interior space; this way, the effect the room has on the eye is soothing and minimal. Within a bathroom, you can incorporate organic shapes through curved freestanding baths and minimal arced taps. As well as organic shapes, you can replicate natural elements through products such as rainfall shower heads or waterfall basin taps. All these organic elements help to develop a calm environment, much like the environment experienced at spas.

Natural and Organic Bathrooms

As well as organic elements, having an uncluttered space allows the mind to remain free, creating the ideal relaxing atmosphere. To create a minimal environment, incorporating bathroom storage into the design is a must. Whether it be a modern vanity or a tall column unit, these storage units can contain all your bathroom essentials.

Minimal Environment Bathrooms

Completing a calming minimalism bathroom through must-have accessories such as bath racks, magnifying mirrors and soap dispensers, adds to the spa-like feel of the room. While bathroom accessories are an excellent way to complete any bathroom, it's essential to pick accessories that elevate and tidy the space, ensuring you are adding to the calming minimalism.

Bathroom Accessories

If you're currently focusing on improving your self-care and wellness routine, it may be time to look at upgrading your bathroom to compliment this new regime. As you design your calming and minimalist space, be sure to take a look at our favourite products below that help to visualise this trend.


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