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Announcement - Customers, Do You Have Before & After Pictures Of Your Bathroom?

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We see loads of bathroom items get packed then delivered to our customers each week from our warehouse. You would think that would be it for us, however, there's nothing more satisfying to us than seeing what comes next for our customers, with their finished bathrooms.

We know our customers are proud of their bathrooms once they've finished the installation, we couldn't be prouder ourselves to be part of their journey. For anyone who has a full bathroom, or more than 3 items bought from us we would love to see your bathroom! Surely we all like a bit of a nose around other people's homes!?

How to take a picture of your room:

We're no David Bailey, but we do know some good links that can help you capture your bathroom's best sides.

Take Great Home Photos the Easy Way

Shotting Perfect Bathroom Pictures (7 TIPS)

How to send us your pictures
Please send us your pictures via email 

How to share your pictures on social media
When you're uploading your bathroom picture to your social media channel we would as that you add the following hashtags #bathroomvillage #bathroomsnaps.

We would also like you to mention us so we can instantly see the image:

Facebook :
Twitter :
Instagram :

Case Studies
Not only do we want to see your bathrooms we also want to write about them. If you would like to be considered as a case study please email us For the right project, we'll be happy to come over and take the photo's ourselves.

If you would like to speak to someone about an upcoming project we would love to hear from you. If we can catch the project early enough we can do before and after pictures as well as a full case study.

For anything else please get in touch.

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