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Easy clean glass in demand

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Here we will be talking about shower enclosures and things to look out for!

Question: would you buy a shower enclosure that you expect to last for 20 years and that will be used four or five times every day by your family, that you could not get spare parts for?

We are sure the answer would be no, so why buy something with poor after sales and low guarantees? The number of people who come into our stores asking for parts on a shower enclosure bought elsewhere is staggering. Our advice would be to always check the after sales service and guarantees before buying your shower enclosure.

Our three best shower enclosures suppliers are Merlyn, Crosswater and Refresh who all have strong after sales and give lifetime guarantees.

The added feature Merlyn, Crosswater and Refresh offer, is the technology called “easy clean” glass. This is a process which creates a smooth layer over the surface of natural glass lowering surface friction, making it easier for water; soap and lime deposits to run off the glass; which means less staining and marks, so, therefore, less cleaning!

Shower enclosures come in a host of different styles including Sliders, Pivots, Quads and wet room panels. Always look at your room shape and size to determine the best fit for your bathroom. Simply opening and closing the doors will give you a good feel for the quality, so it is always best to physically go and see the door in a showroom.

Here are some tips on measurements, the thickness of glass and trays.

Measurements are extremely important when buying a shower enclosure. Always check the height and make sure the enclosures have a good profile adjustment (this means the enclosures can adjust if your walls are not perfect.)

With glass thickness, shower enclosures normally come in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm or 10mm thickness and prices normally increase the thicker the glass.

Most people opt to mount their shower enclosure on a shower tray, which comes in a variety of different sizes and styles. However, you can also install a Wetroom system, which gives a nice clean open feel to your bathroom. 

Wetrooms are being more popular but are not always the best solution. We would strongly recommend talking to a bathroom expert in-store and explaining exactly how your bathroom works.

So in summary:
1. Always buy a shower enclosure with good after sales service and a long guarantee.
2. Look for easy clean glass technology, a must have!
3. Make sure you check the measurements, including height.
4. Go to a showroom and check the quality.

If there’s anything you want to know more about please feel free to talk to one of our operatives on 0344 774 6666 or through live chat or even visit us in store.




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