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Product Guides - How Much Does A New Bathroom Cost?

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Product Guides - How Much Does A New Bathroom Cost?
The cost of a new bathroom can often be one of the first questions homeowners will want to know the answer to when looking into renovating their bathroom. Due to the level of renovation and the variety of products, the answer is often 'it depends'. Within this blog, we will break down the potential costs to give you a clearer idea of how much your renovation will cost depending on the extent of your bathroom renovation.  
We will cover the potential costs of the following individual products:
  • Basin Cost
  • Toilet Cost
  • Bath Cost
  • Tap Cost
  • Shower Cost
  • Furniture cost
  • Heating Cost
  • Bathroom Fitting

Basin Cost

Depending on the design of the basin you're looking at purchasing, the price can vary. If you're looking for an affordable option, full pedestal basins are a safe place to start. However, if you're looking for space-saving options semi pedestal basins may better suit your needs. 

If you're looking at purchasing a Vanity Unit; a countertop, inset or semi-recessed basin can sit on, or in the unit comfortably. For this option, you will need to take into consideration the cost of the vanity itself, which we will discuss further into the blog. 

At Bathroom Village, our full pedestal basins begin at £80, for even more affordable options take a look at our cloakroom basins which start at around £70. If you're looking at vanity basin options, our range begins at £80. 

When shopping for your new basin, remember the taps and waste depicted are usually purchased separately, these are depicted to give you an idea of what it will look like finished. 

Toilet Cost

Much like basins, there are a range of toilet styles, which can affect the price of the product. 

With our range of toilets, by far our most popular choice are close-coupled toilets. They start at £185 for traditional options and £220 for modern styles.

For a designer finish, wall hung toilets create an ultra-modern look. Our wall hung toilets start at around £210. With a wall hung toilet, you will have to take into consideration the cost of a wall hung frame

Our back-to-wall toilets are our most affordable, starting at around £140. However remember these are usually fitted onto a furniture unit or back to wall toilet frame so the cost will increase with these separate purchases. 

When you're looking at the cost of your toilet, make sure you check which components you need to purchase separately. The included parts can vary widely between the individual products and brands. In some cases, you may not need to buy anything separately. However, these parts can include the cistern, seat, flush button and, as mentioned above, the hanging frame.

Bath Cost

There are two main types to baths; straight and freestanding. Within these types, there are a variety of styles including; roll top, slipper and shower baths

The popular and affordable option is a straight or shower bath. Both of which start at around £200-£250. However, when you are looking at purchasing a straight or shower bath, you will need to look at what bath panels are needed, this can depend on where you're installing your bath. Our end bath panels start at around £50, and our front bath panels start at £90. Another option is to tile them in, this is a great design feature however you will need to purchase tiles and pay for a tiler.

Freestanding baths are a luxury option, with styles such as slipper and roll-top adding opulence to a space. Our traditional freestanding baths begin at around £530, and our modern freestanding baths start at £870. It's essential with traditional baths to check whether you need to add the bath feet as an extra. 

An extra with all baths, which you need to take into consideration, is your choice of tap and waste. The cheapest option usually is to add a tap directly to the bath, however to create an impactful design statement, consider floor or wall mounted taps.

If you have opted for a shower bath, you will need to look at purchasing a bath screen, to contain the water. These are sometimes included in the package price of the showerbath, if sold separately they start at around £100.

Tap Cost

When renovating your bathroom, stylish basin and bath taps can give the perfect finishing touch to your space. With a wide variety of styles, there is something for every bathroom and every budget. 

Basin Taps

Basin taps consist of both traditional and modern styles in mixer, pillar and wall-mounted types. Each tap type lends itself to different looks and taphole options; make sure you explore them all to find the perfect fit for your bathroom. 

Our basin mixer taps, which offer one-hole, three-hole and no-hole options, start at around £50. Basin pillar taps, which come in pairs and give a traditional look, begin at £60. With pillar taps, most of the time these are sold in pairs, however sometimes these are sold individually so check the description or image carefully. Wall-mounted taps give a designer finish to your bathroom, but they don't have to cost designer prices. Our range of wall-mounted taps begins at £70.

Bath Taps

Much like basin taps, there is a range of bath tap types in a variety of styles. The tap types include filler, pillar, shower mixer, freestanding and wall-mounted. 

Bath filler taps are like basin mixers, offering one, two, three and no-hole options. Our bath fillers start at around £85. Again, like basin pillars, bath pillars are bought in pairs, and our range begins at £65. Bath shower mixer taps combine the function of a shower in with your bath tap. With deck and wall-mounted options, these multifunctional taps start at £95. Freestanding bath taps partner well with freestanding baths as they're floor-mounted. Our range begins at £265. Finally, our wall-mounted bath taps fit baths with no tap holes and start at around £100.

Shower Cost

A shower can be electric, manual or thermostatic. Thermostatic showers offer the best experience due to their temperature-control. These are the showers you will find in our range. Within this range, there are two main styles, concealed and exposed. 


Exposed showers are easy to install with the shower fitting directly onto your wall. For specific industrial-based styles, they can also become a bold interior feature. Exposed showers begin at £140.


Concealed showers give you a minimalist finish with pipework hidden behind the bathroom tiles. Concealed options are slightly more expensive, with our range starting at £185.

As showers consist of numerous components such as handsets, hoses and valves; it is best to check what your shower kit includes. 

Shower Enclosure Cost

If you have chosen to keep your bath and shower separate, you will need to look at purchasing a shower enclosure to contain your shower. Shower enclosures come in a range of shapes, styles and sizes, with the tray, doors and panels forming the enclosure. 

Shower Doors

Our shower doors come in such a wide variety of styles, we would suggest looking over our detailed Shower Enclosure blog post, to find which is perfect for your bathroom.

Our shower doors start at £457 and go up to £1,266 for doors and panel combinations. Our shower enclosure panels can also be bought separately if you require more due to the placement of your shower. These shower panels start at £168.

For certain shower enclosures, like walk-in enclosures you may need to purchase extra components such as bracing bars separately.

Shower Trays

The shape and size of your shower enclosure will determine which Shower trays you can choose from, our range has a variety of styles to suit each shape. 

Shower trays form the base of your enclosure and come in square, rectangular, quadrant and offset quadrant varieties. Starting at £78 we have a range of 50mm and 25mm trays. 

When purchasing your tray, check whether the waste is included, these are sometimes sold separately. You may also need a panel pack to raise the tray off the floor to fit pipework underneath, check with your installed before ordering.

Furniture Cost

Bathroom furniture is an excellent way to fill a larger space, or help utilise space through storage in smaller bathrooms. The cost of bathroom furniture can vary widely; the price can depend on the product type, style and brand. 

Vanity Units

Arguably the most popular type of bathroom furniture is a vanity unit. Vanity units can be freestanding, wall-mounted or space-saving. Our collection of vanity units start at £165; however, some of the larger more opulent freestanding styles can cost around £1,000. When purchasing vanity units, check whether you have to choose the handle style and countertop as this may change the product price.

WC Units

Another popular furniture item is WC Units; they allow you to conceal the toilet’s pipework and cistern fittings, whilst also matching the other bathroom units. WC Units can also offer you extra shelving space due to the worktop they offer. Our WC units begin at £130.

Mirrors & Cabinets

Mirrors are the perfect product to help you finish your bathroom renovation. Our mirror collection offers a range of technology-powered mirrors, as well as above basin storage options. 

Our standard mirrors start at around £50 and can help smaller bathrooms appear larger; as well as being a functional product. If you're looking for a mirror with added benefits, our illuminated mirrors begin at £115. As well as being a practical mirror, these mirrors have the added benefit of lighting through the built-in LED lights.

If you're looking to incorporate your bathroom mirror and storage, our wall cabinets are an excellent choice. Our collection starts at £150. If you think the added benefit of LED lights would enhance your mirrored wall cabinet even further, these begin at around £240.

Heating Cost

Our range of towel ladders, column radiators and clothes horses give you a variety of options for heating your bathrooms. As well as heating your bathroom, our heating options can keep your towels nice and warm! 

Ladder towel rails come in a range of shapes and sizes, to ensure there is the perfect option for every bathroom. Our range of ladder towel rails starts at £60. 
If you have a traditional style bathroom, our column radiators are classic and elegant. This style begins at around £200. Another vintage style option is our range of heated clothes horses. With the price of this collection starting at just under £500, these heaters are ideal for creating a statement look.

When purchasing your bathroom radiator, make sure to check if you need to buy any components separately. An item commonly sold separately are the radiator valves, these come in lots of different sizes and styles to suit specific installation requirements.

Bathroom Fitting

A large part of getting a new bathroom is the cost of fitting. When it comes to bathroom products, installing them is something you will need a professional to do. How large your renovation project is, will dictate how much the fitting will cost. It can also vary depending on the area you live in, the years of experience the bathroom installer has and whether they have a minimum charge. 

As the cost can vary so much, we always suggest getting multiple quotes to compare prices within your area. If you're local to one of our Bathroom Village showrooms, our sales advisors can offer suggestions on local installation companies that we have worked with.

Make sure to look at reviews and testimonials, and better still images of previous work they have completed. 



Case Study Examples



Product Cost: £4,500

Installation Cost: £8,000

Bathroom Village Case Study

Product Cost: £3,600

Installation Cost: £5,000

Bathroom Village Case Study

Product Cost: £5,500

Installation Cost: £9,000

Bathroom Village Case Study

Product Cost: £3,100

Installation Cost: £7,000


All bathroom installations listed above were completed by Flow Bathrooms and Kitchens Ltd

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