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Product Guides - Jacuzzi Baths

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Product Guides - Jacuzzi Baths

With more people living longer there has never been a better time to be involved with a genuine Jacuzzi, a product that will simply make you feel better which helps with stress and numerous aches and pains.

Lets first understand how they work:

Jacuzzi jets mix air and water, which creates thousands of tiny bubble that gently touch your body; this effect dilates the blood vessels within the muscle tissue, which increases blood flow. This improves the intake of oxygen to your cells and aids the removal of waste substances.

Once you have had a Jacuzzi bath you will feel totally refreshed, stiff joints and muscles will free relaxed. Any aches and pains you have picked up from a stressful day will be washed away by the soothing jets.

One of the amazing things about Jacuzzi is they make specific whirlpool baths that target certain areas like shoulders, mid-back, lumbar, thighs legs and even feet. If you have problem areas like back pain, a Jacuzzi “hydro-massage” can help you a great deal.

A common misconception is that any bath with whirlpool jets is a Jacuzzi; this, of course, is not the case. You can tell a genuine Jacuzzi by the badge on the side of the bath, like below:

Product Guides - Jacuzzi Baths

Here are a few differences between Jacuzzi and other standard baths:

  1. Jacuzzi construct the bath around the jet system, not the other way around. This is to ensure the jets are in the exact place they should be, ensuring no compromises.
  2. Jacuzzi use only the finest materials when building their baths and offer a very generous guarantee, something other manufacturers fail to provide.
  3. Jacuzzi jets outperform every other jet on the market.
  4. All Jacuzzi baths come completely assembled and are very easy to install
  5. Jacuzzi jets are extremely quiet and Aquasoul range of baths are virtually silent.


Let move on to talk more about the product and cost.

Jacuzzi products come in all shapes and sizes, they have baths that are a standard size to baths that can easily fit two people, large corner baths and even bigger baths that can be inset into tiles or marble.

Jacuzzi also manufactures matching taps, panels and even pottery to complement the whirlpool bath of your choice.

Here is a rough overview of prices and delivery timings.

The average price range of a Jacuzzi whirlpool bath ranges between £2,000 & £4,000. Jacuzzi baths start from £1600 inc VAT and go up to as much as £12,000.

Delivery time for Jacuzzi baths usually takes 2-4 weeks from their Italian factory, however, some baths are in stock and can be delivered a lot quicker.

So remember this saying from Jacuzzi “Your body is a temple and it deserves only the best in life”, that’s why if you’re looking to invest in a genuine whirlpool bath, it must be Jacuzzi. 

View our full collection of Jacuzzi baths here.

Should you wish to know more about these products please call 0344 774 6666.

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