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Bathroom Trends - Natural Finishes

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Bathroom Trends - Natural Finishes

Natural finishes such as wood, concrete and slate have made a massive impact on interior trends over the past few years. As we continue to bring the outdoors into our homes, this trend has made its way into our bathrooms. From wooden flooring, concrete wallpaper and wooden furniture, there are many ways you can incorporate natural finishes into your bathroom.

If you're wanting to create an organic space within your bathroom but are unsure of the exact style, we can help. 

Clean & Contemporary

Incorporating natural finishes in a modern bathroom can create a Scandi style space. Pairing light wood furniture, such as vanity units, with white, grey and neutral wall colours keeps a space clean and contemporary. Incorporating natural finishes, clean lines and simple accents screams Scandinavian style. This popular look is simple to recreate and timeless.

Natural Finishes Clean & Contemporary Bathroom
Raw & Rustic

Natural finishes lend themselves perfectly to raw & rustic interiors. Natural materials are often categorised as raw, and many rustic interiors incorporate a large amount of wood. It is these finishes that are often found within interior spaces achieving this style. To recreate this style, concrete walls (or concrete effect tiles), dark wood or reclaimed wood furniture creates a rustic yet modern style.

Natural Finishes Raw & Rustic Bathroom

Warm & Traditional

While the above styles tend to create a modern and contemporary finish, natural finishes can also be incorporated into traditional bathrooms. Within a traditional space, warm wooden finishes can be introduced through furniture, flooring and accessories. As well as warm wooden tone, brick effects also suit this style as they also exude the warm hues.

Natural Finishes Warm & Traditional Bathroom

Whether you're creating a clean, rustic or traditional style bathroom, natural finishes can help define your space through their textures, colours and warmth. If you aren't sure you want to take the plunge into this trend through furniture and flooring, adding natural accents through accessories or toilets seats is a simple way to test this trend within your bathroom. Check out some of our favourite natural finish products below.



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