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Product Guides - What Type of Basin Waste Do You Need?

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Types of Basin Wastes

When buying a new basin, you should consider getting a basin waste. Wastes are essential for the plumbing and fit snugly into the standard hole that comes pre drilled into your basin. There are many varieties of wastes including, click clack, pop up, flip and plug & chain.

Some basin taps may come with a basin waste; make sure you check whether you need to obtain the waste separately.

Slotted or Unslotted Basin Waste

Whether you require a slotted or unslotted basin waste depends on your basin design. If your basin has an overflow, you will need a slotted waste; if your basin doesn't have an overflow, you will need an unslotted waste. A slotted waste allows water from the overflow to drain while the waste is closed. Unslotted wastes will not allow this water into the waste pipe.

Click Clack Basin Waste

Click Clack Basin Wastes are a popular choice, often referred to as push-button wastes or sprung wastes; they are simple to use and have a sleek design. All three of the names come from the way the waste is opened and closed. You push the plug down to close it and push it down again to open it back up.

Pop Up Basin Waste

Pop Up Basin Wastes operate through a lever and rod system You open the plug by pushing and lifting the vertical rod, which is usually located behind the basin tap. Due to the lever and rod mechanism, the waste pops up when you push the rod down.

Flip Basin Waste

Flip Basin Wastes get their name from the spinning action used to open and close the plug. To open and close the waste, you flip the disk plug 180 degrees. This simple waste design creates a clean and modern style.

Plug and Chain Basin Waste

The Plug and Chain basin waste style is the original type of waste, making them instantly recognisable. The plug is attached to a chain and can be inserted or removed from the waste. The chain gets fixed to the basin through a small hole in the ceramic. Typically it is traditionally styled basins that have this hole available.

At Bathroom Village, we offer a range of basin wastes for all types of bathroom basins. These basin wastes also come in a range of finishes. These finishes include chrome, matt black and brushed brass. As these finishes are a popular trend for brassware, you can now match your basin waste to your basin taps.

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