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Product Guides - What Type Of Shower Enclosure Do You Need?

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Product Guides - What Type Of Shower Enclosure Do You Need

When it comes to shower enclosures, there is a wide range of styles and types to choose from, ensuring you can find the perfect shower enclosure for your bathroom. There are three main elements to take into consideration when purchasing your shower enclosure; the position of the shower enclosure, the type of shower door that will best fit the space and the shape of the shower tray.

If you're not sure which type of position, door or tray you need don't worry, our shower enclosure guide is here to help you. 

Shower Positioning

There are three standard shower enclosure positions, each of which can enhance your bathroom's potential. 

  • Corner Shower (2-Sided) - Corner shower enclosures are a popular choice for many bathrooms, sitting in the corner of the room they take advantage of an often lesser-used space. 

  • Recess Shower (1-Sided) - Recessed shower enclosures are another great space-saving option. If you have a recessed space within your bathroom, you can utilise this space by installing a shower enclosure.

  • Back to Wall (3-Sided) - If you don't have a corner or a recess you can take advantage of in your bathroom, you can install a back to wall shower enclosure onto a flat wall in your bathroom. 

Corner Shower Enclosure

Corner Shower Enclosure

Recess Shower Enclosure

Recess Shower Enclosure

3 Sided Shower Enclosure

Back to Wall Shower Enclosure


    Shower Enclosure Shapes

    Choosing the shape of your shower enclosure is detrimental to the type of shower tray you need and the range of shower doors you can incorporate.  

    • Quadrant - Quadrant Shower Enclosures are by far the most popular choice when it comes to types of shower enclosures. Fitted with one or two sliding doors, quadrant showers sit in the corner of the bathroom with a curved outer panel giving you plenty of space.

    • Offset Quadrant - Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures are an extended version of the standard quadrant. One side of the offset quadrant is longer than the other, providing you with more space within the shower. These fit best in larger bathrooms.

    • Square - Square Shower Enclosures lend themselves perfectly to medium sized bathrooms, allowing them to fit into most bathroom spaces. As well as their compact size, you also benefit from a wide range of door styles options.

    • Rectangle - Rectangle Shower Enclosures are a larger version of a square enclosure, offering you plenty of space within them. Also, like a square enclosure, you can incorporate a variety of shower doors into this shape. 

    Quadrant Shower Enclosure

    Quadrant Enclosure

    Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure

    Offset Quadrant Enclosure

    Square Shower Enclosure

    Square Enclosure

    Rectangle Shower Enclosure

    Rectangle Enclosure


      Types of Shower Doors

      When choosing your type of shower door, take into consideration the available space within your bathroom. The amount of room you have free for the protrusion of the door can dictate which type will work for you. 

      • Sliding - As the name suggests, sliding shower doors slide back and forth to open the shower enclosure. Sliding shower doors are a great space saver for rooms which don’t have the space for a door to open outwardly.

      • Hinged - When it comes to square or rectangular shower enclosures, many of them will use a hinged door. Hinged doors open outwards into the bathroom and therefore work well in larger spaces. Hinged doors lend themselves to frameless enclosures.

      • Pivot - Pivot shower enclosure doors are similar to hinged doors, opening outwards into the bathroom. The main difference between the two is, pivot doors require a frame, whereas hinged doors lend themselves to frameless enclosures.

      • Infold - If you're looking for a space-saving shower door, infold doors work in the same way as a pivot door; however, the door opens into the shower. Requiring less space for the door allows infolding doors to work well in confined spaces.

      • Bifold - Bi-Fold doors are another great option when you're looking for a space-saving option. The joint in the middle of the door allows the door to fold in on itself, opening the shower without the door protruding into the bathroom.

      • Walk-In - As a modern and luxurious option, walk-in showers take away the need for a shower door. Due to them having to be large enough to contain the water when showering, they lend themselves to larger spaces.

      Sliding Shower Door

      Sliding Shower Door

      Hinged Shower Door

      Hinged Shower Door

      Pivot Shower Door

      Pivot Shower Door

      In Fold Shower Door

      In-Fold Shower Door

      Bi Fold Shower Door

      Bi-Fold Shower Door

      Walk In Shower

      Walk-In Shower Panels


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          Now you know where your shower will be positioned, which shape you want and the type of door you require to finish off your shower enclosure, check out a range of our favourite shower enclosure styles below. 



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