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Product Guides - What Type Of Toilet Do You Need

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From the popular Close Coupled design, through sleek Wall-Mounted styles, there are a breadth of toilet types to choose from. Each of the different toilet types available will sit perfectly in different spaces or styled bathrooms. This guide will help you decided which toilet type is best suited to your space, as well as making you aware of any additional items you may need.

What Are Close Coupled Toilets?

Close Coupled Toilets are a recognisable style that comes in a variety of modern and traditional designs. A close-coupled toilet consists of a concealed cistern and a pan that are directly connected. If you're looking for a streamlined product, the close-coupled design hides all pipework and the cistern within the pottery. 

Close-coupled toilets also come in corner and comfort height options; find out more about these styles below.

Closed Coupled Toilets

What Are Wall-Mounted Toilets?

Wall Mounted Toilets are an ultra-modern and sleek style; the compact design allows them to fit perfectly in smaller spaces. The compact design of wall-mounted toilets comes from the fact the pan is positioned directly onto the wall and off the floor. The cistern of wall-mounted toilets are then fitted within the wall or hidden within a WC Unit. 

When purchasing a wall-mounted toilet; Cisterns, WC Frames and WC Units are usually sold separately from the pan. Be sure to check which parts you will be supplied with when making a purchase.

Bathroom Village Wall Mounted Toilets

What Are Back to Wall Toilets?

Back to Wall Toilets are another compact style that can help you maximise the use of smaller spaces. Much like wall-mounted toilets, you conceal the cisterns for back to wall toilets inside a wall or WC unit. Unlike a wall-mounted toilet, which is lifted off the floor, back to wall toilets sit on the floor and don't need a frame system to hold them up.

When purchasing a back to wall toilet, Cisterns and WC Units are usually sold separately from the pan.

Bathroom Village Back to Wall Toilets

What Are High-Level Toilets?

If you're looking for a vintage statement piece to add to your period bathroom, High-Level Toilets are a fantastic choice. With the cistern mounted high up on the wall, a tall flush pipe and a long pull cord flush, their recognisable look embodies a traditional bathroom.

The tall pipe kit can usually be cut down to size to fit your bathroom's ceiling height.

When purchasing a high-level toilet, we offer a range of finishes including, chrome, gold and nickel.

Bathroom Village High Level Toilets

What Are Low-Level Toilets?

Low-Level Toilets are another superb choice for those looking to make a vintage statement within their bathroom but don't have the ceiling height for a high-level toilet. Like a high-level toilet, you mount the cistern to the wall, but at a lower level, it also features a shorter flush pipe and lever flush.

When purchasing a low-level toilet, we offer a range of finishes including, chrome, gold and nickel.

Bathroom Village Low Level Toilets

What Are Cloakroom Toilets?

Cloakroom Toilets are the perfect option for those looking to get the most out of a space. Being compact and space-saving allows toilets such as Back to Wall and Wall Mounted; to fit into confined spaces like cloakrooms. These practical and functional toilets come in a range of modern and traditional styles to suit any space.

You may need to purchase your Cistern, WC Frame or WC Unit separately; due to our Cloakroom Toilets consisting of Back to Wall and Wall-Mounted styles.

Bathroom Village Cloakroom Toilets

What Are Corner Toilets?

While Cloakroom Toilets offer a compact option for those looking to save space within their bathroom, a Corner Toilet allows you to maximise your use of space by taking advantage of often unused corner spaces. These unique toilets give you the option to create a WC in the smallest area or utilise space in a larger bathroom, allowing a luxurious bath or large vanity to become the focal point.

What Are Comfort Height Toilets?

Comfort Height Toilets are ideal for those looking for a raised seating position from their toilet. If you are looking to place less pressure on your knees, these toilets may be an excellent option for you. They also work well for those who would benefit from a higher raised toilet due to their height. 

Bathroom Village Comfort Height Toilets

What Are Urinals?

Urinals are perfect within a commercial setting, providing a practical option for both employees and customers. Due to their compact designs, you can fit multiple urinals within a commercial restroom allowing you to provide numerous urinals.

If you are looking for an option that is hygienic and aesthetic, we offer urinals with a cover. Depending on the urinal you purchase, you may need to purchase a Urinal Frame which you may need to purchase separately.

Bathroom Village Urinals


We hope the above information has helped you understand what type of toilet will sit perfectly in your bathroom. If you're still looking for some more information, take a look at some of our favourite toilets below.


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