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Product Guides - What Type of Vanity Unit Do You Need?

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Our Guide to Types of Vanity Units
Bathroom vanity units are the most popular furniture item found within any bathroom. As the most common furniture item, there are many styles and sizes available. Each variety of unit lends itself perfectly to a specific space.

A vanity unit incorporates a basin, either inset, semi-recessed or countertop, whilst concealing pipework and offering storage beneath the counter. As vanities provide storage while concealing pipework, they are highly functional whilst also contributing to the bathrooms overall aesthetic.

What Are Freestanding Vanity Units?

Freestanding vanity units are a floor-standing form of bathroom furniture. Due to their robust style, freestanding vanity units create a more traditional feel and often come in classical stylings. In terms of the storage offered, most freestanding vanity units offer doors with internal shelves rather than drawers to make the most of the space given.

Bathroom Village Freestanding Vanity Units

What Are Wall Mounted Vanity Units?

Wall-mounted vanity units offer a clean aesthetic and tend to come in a contemporary style. If you're looking to create the illusion of space in your bathroom, choosing a wall-hung vanity that offers space below the unit may help you achieve your goals. Due to their shorter height, wall-mounted vanities often offer drawers for storage rather than doors and shelves.

Bathroom Village Wall Mounted Vanity Units

What Are Double Vanity Units?

Double vanity units are notably luxurious, offering space for two basins within one piece of furniture. Due to this, you can have your own sink space within your bathroom. As well as contributing two sinks, the double vanity units also give you more under counter storage. Available in a wide range of styles, including freestanding and wall-mounted, there's a double vanity to suit any bathroom. 

Bathroom Village Double Vanity Units

What Are Cloakroom Vanity Units?

Cloakroom vanity units offer a vanity option for rooms lacking in space. The space-saving designs can come in freestanding and wall-mounted styles, with wall-mounted styles also offering clear floor space. As is suggested by their name, cloakroom vanities sit best in WC's however you can also utilise them in smaller family bathrooms or ensuites. In compact bathrooms, the inclusion of under-counter doors or drawers can be a helpful feature as storage is often limited.

Bathroom Village Cloakroom Vanity Units


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