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Product Guides - How Can I Heat My Bathroom?

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Types of Bathroom Heating
When it comes to heating bathrooms, there are several options and styles available. The three main types of bathroom heating include heated towel rails, radiators and underfloor heating. To find out which option will work best for you, keep reading below.

Heated Towel Rails

Heated Towel Rails are both a stylish and practical heating option, making them a popular choice for many bathrooms. As well as heating the room, these products keep your towels warm and dry whilst in your bathroom via the horizontal bars they offer. As heated towel rails are available in multiple sizes, they are suited to most bathroom spaces; however, larger bathrooms may need multiple heated towel rails to heat them.

While this product can be profoundly practical, the designs can also add a stylish edge to your bathroom. Our range of designer towel rails can create a modern or traditional focal point.

Heated Towel Rails

Column Radiators

Column Radiators offer a similar appearance to the typical radiator design we see throughout our homes. When it comes to heating a larger space, this product is superior due to evenly distributing heat throughout the bathroom at a higher power.

If you are looking at heating a traditionally designed bathroom, column radiators fully encompass this trend. We offer a range of floor-mounted, wall-mounted, landscape and tall options for this product, ensuring they can fit within most bathroom spaces.

Column Radiators

Heated Clothes Horse

Heated Clothes Horses are the ultimate traditional heating product. Like heated towel rails, clothes horses are notably practical, offering plenty of space to dry and warm towels. The main difference between these products is that clothes horses are fully floor mounted.
Heated Clothes Horse

Underfloor Heating

Under Floor Heating can be seen as a luxurious way to heat your bathroom, but it is often perceived as an expensive option. However, there are now cost-effective ways to achieve this heating style. The ideal time to install this heating type is when you are completely redoing your bathroom, as to install this product, you must pull the entire floor up.

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