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Product Guides - What Are The Types Of Bathroom Mirror Technology?

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Product Guides - What Are The Types Of Bathroom Mirror Technology?

Brands strive to create products that transform bathrooms into beautiful, as well as highly functional spaces. From this, bathroom mirrors have increasingly integrated a range of technology-based features. 

Bathroom Mirror Technology includes:

  • LED Lighting
  • Integrated Charging Sockets
  • Bluetooth Technology & Speakers

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What Are Bathroom Mirror Lighting Controls?

Illuminated bathroom mirrors incorporate built-in LED lights. With the power to light an entire bathroom or mimic natural lighting, illuminated bathroom mirrors can improve the way you light your space.

Some brands, such as HiB and Roper Rhodes, have taken integrated LED lights to the next level. By adding controls to the mirror, adjusting light settings such as brightness and colour can be done with ease. Modifying these settings can ensure the lighting in your bathroom suits the style you wish to achieve.

HiB Alpine 100 LED Mirror 60 x 100cm


What Are Bathroom Mirror Integrated Charging Sockets?

Electric bathroom essentials, such as toothbrushes and razors, have become a staple in many contemporary bathrooms. Bathroom mirrors with charging outlets offer a smart solution for charging your electronic essentials. These multifunctional products allow your electric toothbrush or razor to sit alongside your mirror while being charged.

Often a function found in hotel bathrooms, this incorporation of the shaving socket can give your bathroom a luxurious feel while offering a highly practical feature.

HiB Vega 50 LED Mirror With Charging Socket 70 x 50cm


What is Bathroom Mirror Bluetooth Technology & Speakers?

As an important modern technology, Bluetooth is built into many household items. From speakers and alarm clocks to printers and cars, many of us use this technology daily. With mobile phones and personal devices being used to stream music while in the bathroom, incorporating this technology into bathroom mirrors enhances your bathing experience significantly through music.

While enhancing your bathing experience, Bluetooth bathroom mirrors also safeguard your devices. Connecting your mobile to your mirror to stream music keeps it safe and away from water damage.


HiB Connect 50 LED Bluetooth Mirror 50 x 70cm

The built-in technology brands are utilising within our bathroom mirrors is there to enhance our experience. With technology developing at a rapid pace, there's no end to the way our products can improve our experiences in the bathroom.

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