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Product Guides - What Type Of Bathroom Basin Do You Need?

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Product Guides - What Type Of Bathroom Basin Do You Need?
Basins, otherwise known as bathroom sinks, come in a range of types, sizes and styles. Each kind of basin lends itself perfectly to certain spaces, depending on their size, shape and style. Some of the most popular basin types include:
If you need help understanding which basin type will suit your bathroom, keep reading.

What Are Full Pedestal Basins?

Full pedestal basins are a popular and traditional type; you can find them in many bathrooms throughout the Uk. The full pedestal ensures you're able to conceal all unwanted pipework, giving a clean and tidy finish. Full pedestal basins come in a wide range of styles and sizes; however, you often find them in larger, traditional style spaces.

Full Pedestal Basin

What Are Semi Pedestal Basins?

Much like full pedestal basins, semi pedestal basins are a popular choice in the Uk. The semi pedestal allows for the unwanted pipework to remain concealed while leaving you with plenty of floor space. Due to not taking up floor space, semi pedestal basins are a great option for smaller bathrooms and en-suites, where floor space is limited. In comparison to the similar full pedestal basin, semi pedestal basins often suit a contemporary bathroom space.

Semi Pedestal Basin

What Are Wall Mounted Basins?

Wall-mounted basins are another great space-saving option for small bathrooms or en-suites. Often attached to the wall with a wall-mounted basin frame, they allow floor space to be saved, as well as being mounted at any height to accommodate families with children. Adding a traditional basin frame to a wall-mounted basin can create a luxurious vintage look.

Wall Mounted Basins

What Are Double Basins?

Double basins offer a high level of luxury, allowing couples or families to have their own basin within their shared bathroom. Often paired with double vanity units, they can also offer ample storage space for your bathroom. The double basin style is becoming increasingly popular in modern spaces and can create an opulent edge to your bathroom. If you have a larger bathroom, this basin type could truly elevate your space. 

Double Basins

What Are Cloakroom Basins?

Cloakroom basins are the perfect option for W/C's and en-suites, given their space-saving design in both basin and pedestal size. These small and compact basins come in a range of types including wall-mounted, countertop and pedestal cloakroom basins. With enough space to rinse hands, the size of these basins doesn't compromise on the functionality while allowing the smallest of bathrooms to have a stylish basin.

Cloakroom Basins

What Are Corner Basins?

Much like cloakroom basins, corner basins are a space-saving option and in bathrooms where wall space is limited, taking advantage of a corner space can be the ideal option. Due to corner basins being a space-saving option, they are often utilised in W/C and en-suite bathrooms as a hand rinse sink. 

Corner Basins

What Are Countertop Basins?

Countertop basins give a stylish finish to bathrooms; they are mounted on top of vanity units or shelves to give a sleek finish. The countertop design lends itself to modern spaces, while also creating countertop space via the shelf or vanity unit. Countertop basins can elevate your bathroom by giving a designer edge to a contemporary space. 

Countertop Basins

What Are Inset Basins?

In comparison to countertop basins, inset basins sit inside a vanity unit or worktop rather than on top. By the basin sitting inside the unit, inset basins create a minimal and clean look, as well as saving space on the countertop. While you can get traditional style inset basins, the finish they give is luxurious and contemporary. 

Inset Basins

What Are Semi-Recessed Basins?

Semi-recessed basins offer all the benefits of a recessed basin while still giving you plenty of counter space; alternatively, they can fit onto slimline vanity units. Due to leaving plenty of countertop space, these contemporary basins give you plenty of room for your basin accessories on top of the furniture unit.

Semi Recessed Basins

We hope the above information has helped you understand what type of basin will sit perfectly in your bathroom. If you're still looking for some more information, take a look at some of our favourite basins below.


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