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Product Guides - What Type Of Bathroom Tap Do You Need?

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Product Guides - What Type Of Bathroom Tap Do You Need?

In need of a new bathroom tap but unsure where to start? Our guide to bathroom taps is here to support you.

Whether you're looking to spruce up your basin area or fully renovate your bathroom, taps can add the finishing touch to your space while enhancing your overall look. Style can be the main factor when it comes to choosing your bathroom taps, with traditional and modern collections available in a variety of types. However, the type of tap you need can be dictated by your bath or basins tap holes.

Some of the most popular basin taps include:

And, some of the most popular bath taps include:

What Are Basin Mixer Taps?

Mixer taps are the most common variety within bathrooms and are available in a range of 1, 3 or no-hole options, with both modern and traditional styles. The name 'Mixer Tap' comes from the fact the tap premixes both hot and cold water into a single stream.

1-hole mixer taps come fitted with a lever or two handles to adjust the temperature of the water. As a popular type of tap, there's a broad range of modern and traditional looks. As well as styles, brands offer a range of mixer tap finishes including black, brushed brass, gold and stainless steel. If you have a single hole basin, this may be the kind of tap you need.

3-hole mixer taps are typically a traditional design, these taps consist of a single spout and two handles to control the water temperature. With a range of handle shapes and spout designs, our collection of three-hole mixers has something for every space.

If you are without a tap hole wall-mounted options are available, with a spout and a lever to control the water temperature. This kind of tap gives a clean and modern finish that exudes luxury. As well as offering a clean finish, wall-mounted basin mixers also give you more space around your basin for accessories and toiletries. 


Baisn Mixer Taps

What Are Basin Pillar Taps?

Basin pillar taps are a traditional concept in comparison to mixer taps, purchased in pairs of hot and cold taps with each having an individual water spout. Despite being a traditional design, pillar taps are still a popular option with both classic and contemporary styles available. Due to the design of these taps, you need two basin holes for pillar taps to fit in your bathroom.

Basin Pillar Taps

What Are Bath Filler Taps?

Bath filler taps are much like basin mixer taps, and a very popular option. Coming in both bath mounted and wall-mounted designs, modern and traditional styles and 1, 2 and 3-hole options, these taps can fit most baths.

Bath Pillar Taps

What Are Bath Shower Mixers?

Bath shower mixers are remarkably functional if you have a shower bath; alternatively, they make an eye-catching statement in traditional spaces. Giving you the chance to switch between bathing and showering with ease, this type of bath tap is an exceptional choice for those looking for maximum functionality. Depending on the style and design, we offer several bath shower mixers for two, three and four-hole baths, as well as wall-mounted options.

Bath Shower Mixers

What Are Freestanding Bath Taps?

Freestanding or floor-mounted bath taps are a great option for those considering purchasing a freestanding bath. These taps provide a unique focal point that's elegant and practical. The majority of our freestanding bath taps are bath shower mixers, with an attached shower head for increased functionality.  

Freestanding Bath Tap


With a wide variety of types and styles, our selection of bathroom taps has something to suit every bathroom. If you're uncertain on what kind of tap you need, please call our team or visit one of our showrooms. If you know what you need, make sure you check out some of our favourite bathroom taps below.


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