Product Guides - What Type Of Bathroom Tap Do You Need?

Product Guides - What Type Of Bathroom Tap Do You Need?

Product Guides - What Type Of Bathroom Tap Do You Need?

In search of a new bathroom tap but not quite sure where to begin? Our guide to bathroom taps is here to assist you.

Whether you're looking to refresh your basin area or undertake a full bathroom renovation, taps can add that extra special touch to your space and enhance its overall appearance. Style is often the most significant consideration when it comes to choosing bathroom taps, with traditional and modern collections available in a variety of forms. However, the type of tap you require may be dictated by the number of tap holes in your bath or basin.

Some of the most popular basin taps include:

  • Basin Mixer Taps
  • Basin Pillar Taps
  • Wall Mounted Basin Taps

And, some of the most sought-after bath taps include:

  • Bath Filler Taps
  • Bath Shower Mixers
  • Freestanding Bath Taps
  • Wall Mounted Bath Taps

What are Basin Mixer Taps? Mixer taps are the most prevalent type in bathrooms and come in a range of 1, 3 or no-hole options, with both modern and traditional styles. The name "Mixer Tap" is derived from the fact that the tap pre-mixes both hot and cold water into a single flow.

1-hole mixer taps are fitted with either a lever or two handles to regulate the water temperature. They are a popular type of tap and come in a broad range of modern and traditional designs. Brands also offer a variety of mixer tap finishes, including black, brushed brass, gold, and stainless steel. If you have a single-hole basin, this may be the type of tap you need.

3-hole mixer taps are typically a traditional design and consist of a single spout and two handles to control the water temperature. Our collection of three-hole mixers has something for every space, with a range of handle shapes and spout designs available.

If you don't have a tap hole, wall-mounted options are available, with a spout and lever to regulate the water temperature. This type of tap gives a clean and modern finish that exudes luxury. In addition to a clean finish, wall-mounted basin mixers also offer more space around your basin for accessories and toiletries.

What are Basin Pillar Taps? Basin pillar taps are a traditional design compared to mixer taps and come in pairs of hot and cold taps, each with an individual water spout. Despite being a traditional design, pillar taps are still a popular option with classic and contemporary styles available. To fit these taps, you need two basin holes in your bathroom.

What are Bath Filler Taps? Bath filler taps are similar to basin mixer taps and are a highly sought-after option. Available in bath-mounted and wall-mounted designs, modern and traditional styles, and 1, 2, and 3-hole options, these taps can fit most baths.

What are Bath Shower Mixers? Bath shower mixers are extremely functional if you have a shower bath, or they can make a bold statement in traditional spaces. Allowing you to switch between bathing and showering with ease, this type of bath tap is an excellent choice for those looking for maximum functionality. Depending on the style and design, we offer several bath shower mixers for two, three, and four-hole baths, as well as wall-mounted options.

What are Freestanding Bath Taps? Freestanding or floor-mounted bath taps are an excellent option for those looking to purchase a freestanding bath. These taps provide a unique focal point that is both elegant and practical. The majority of our freestanding bath taps are bath shower 

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