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Bathroom Case Study - ARC Plumbing Modern White Bathroom

∙ By Rebecca Duckering ∙ 0 comments

ARC Plumbing White Modern Bathroom

ARC Plumbing & Heating South West installed this modern white bathroom suite for a Bathroom Village customer. The design maximises the use of space by combining multiple products throughout the bathroom. This use of space allows the bathroom to feel spacious and luxurious while also being a highly functional room.

The basin and toilet area shows the first combination of products. In this bathroom the basin, toilet, vanity unit and WC unit are all combined into one item. In combining these items, ARC has allowed the products themselves to take up less space within the bathroom. It also creates valuable storage space through the vanity unit cupboards and the countertop space around the basin and above the toilet. While being a notably functional area of the bathroom, these products complement each other through their clean, modern design and crisp white finish.

The shower bath area includes the combination of a single-ended bath, shower and bath screen. Having separate shower enclosures and baths can take up a large amount of space in a bathroom, meaning incorporating these components together can effectively maximise the floor plan of a more modest bathroom. The products used here are also modern in their styling, complementing the basin and toilet area.

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