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Bathroom Trends - Brassware Finishes

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Bathroom Trends - Brassware Finishes

The days of only having to have chrome brassware in your bathroom have gone. Now when purchasing your bathroom brassware, there's an array of finishes to consider. Each of the finishes available complement a range of colour schemes and can enhance the overall style of your bathroom.

Here is a breakdown of our most popular brassware finishes.

    Stainless Steel

    Stainless Steel brassware is an excellent alternative to chrome, offering a timeless and sophisticated finish with an urban edge. Due to the silver colouring of this finish, the products will never go out of style. The stainless steel brassware complements a wide array of bathroom colour schemes; from warm neutrals through cool blues, this brassware finish can work in your bathroom.

    JTP Stainless Steel Brassware Finish

    Brushed Brass

    If you're looking to add a sophisticated vintage feel to your bathroom while conveying luxury, Brushed Brass may be the ideal finish for your bathroom. The gold colour of this finish is what gives it a luxurious vintage feel, while the brushed effect causes a matt finish which oozes sophistication. To enhance the luxurious look, colour palettes such as deep blues and dark purples marry well with this finish.

    JTP Brushed Brass Brassware Finish

    Matt Black

    Matt Black brassware has quickly become one of the most popular finishes for highly modern bathrooms. Products with this bold finish have an air of elegance and sophistication while conveying a contemporary style. With its rapid growth, Matt Black Brassware is a trend in more homes and commercial properties across the country. Due to the diversity of matt black, this finish partners well with a wide variety of colour schemes, however monochrome and pastel palettes are popular choices.

    JTP Matt Black Brassware Finish


    While there are an extensive range of brassware finishes to choose from, if you're looking for a trusted classic that will compliment any space, you can't go wrong with chrome. This understated finish remains the most popular choice for bathrooms throughout the country. As the Chrome Brassware finish compliments a wide variety of colour schemes, if you are looking at renovating a property to sell on, this is a safe and classic finish.

    Brassware Finishes Chrome


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