Bathroom Trends - Brassware Finishes

Bathroom Trends - Brassware Finishes
Bathroom Trends - Brassware Finishes


The options for bathroom brassware finishes have greatly expanded, offering a wider range of choices for homeowners to choose from. Each finish brings a unique touch to your bathroom and can complement a range of colour schemes.

Here is a rundown of our most sought-after brassware finishes:

Stainless Steel - A timeless and sophisticated option, stainless steel brassware is a stylish alternative to chrome. Its silver hue ensures that it will never go out of fashion, and its versatility means it can work with warm neutral to cool blue bathroom colour schemes.

Brushed Brass - If you're looking to add a vintage feel to your bathroom, brushed brass may be the finish for you. Its gold colour conveys luxury, and the brushed effect creates a sophisticated matte finish. Pair it with deep blues and dark purples for an enhanced luxurious look.

Matt Black - A bold and contemporary finish, matt black brassware has become increasingly popular for modern bathrooms. Its elegance and sophistication add a touch of style to any bathroom, and its versatility means it can work with a variety of colour schemes including monochrome and pastel palettes.

Chrome - A classic and understated finish, chrome remains the most popular choice for bathrooms in the UK. Its neutral colour compliments a wide range of colour schemes, making it an ideal choice for property renovations.

Other finishes available in our full range include brushed bronze, brushed black, nickel, gold, and white. Each finish brings its own unique touch to your bathroom, so find the perfect one to enhance the style and beauty of your space.

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