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TrendsBathroom Trends - Back To Black

Bathroom Trends - Back To Black

As with any room in the home, trends come and go when it comes to bathroom design. One trend that has been gaining in popularity in recent years is the use of black fixtures and fittings in the ba...

TrendsBathroom Trends - Modern Vintage

Bathroom Trends - Modern Vintage

Modern Vintage is a trend that fuses multiple styles to create a single look. Modern designs with contemporary clean lines and neutral colours have long been a firm favourite for homeowners. Howev...

TrendsBathroom Trends - Cottage Core

Bathroom Trends - Cottage Core

The Cottage Core design trend is gaining popularity in the interiors world, combining a mix of farmhouse, traditional, and classic styles. This trend portrays warmth and comfort and has become e...

TrendsBathroom Trends - Brassware Finishes

Bathroom Trends - Brassware Finishes

  The options for bathroom brassware finishes have greatly expanded, offering a wider range of choices for homeowners to choose from. Each finish brings a unique touch to your bathroom and ca...

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