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What Are the Different Types of Baths?

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Our Guide to Types of Baths

There are many different types of baths, which can sometimes make it difficult to know which is right for your bathroom. Our guide to types of baths will help you decide which style will fit perfectly in your space.

These bath types include:

What Are Straight Baths?

Straight baths are a common, and recognisable, feature in many bathrooms across the country. Available in modern and traditional styles, with options to customise the baths panels and taps, straight baths can accommodate any design scheme. With single and double-ended designs to fit any space, our range of straight baths are a popular choice.

Adamsez Solar Pure Straight Bath  Imperial Westminster Straight Bath


What Are Shower Baths?

Shower baths are another popular option. If you don't have enough space for a separate bath and shower cubicle, this could be the option for you. Shower baths offer sufficient space for both showering and bathing within one product. Our shower baths come in a range of P-shaped, L-shaped and square varieties, as well as modern and traditional styles with customisable bath screens. 

BC Designs Ancorner Shower Bath  Vitra Optima Shower Bath


What Are Freestanding Baths?

Freestanding baths truly exude luxury and decadence, making them the perfect centrepiece in spacious bathrooms. Available in many types, styles, sizes and shapes, there is something for everything design style. Freestanding roll-top baths fit flawlessly in traditional style bathrooms while offering a relaxing experience, while simple designs lend themselves to a more sleek, modern look.

BC Designs Kurv Bath  BC Designs Boat Bath


What Are Slipper Baths?

Slipper baths offer a lavish experience, with one raised end offering comfort through back support. Slipper baths are freestanding, making them ideal for spacious rooms.

While this bath type is often associated with traditional styles, our collection of slipper baths includes a range of modern slipper baths for those looking for contemporary comfort. 

BC Designs Delicata Bath  Adamsez Windsor Bath


What Are Inset Baths?

Inset baths are not only comfortable but also offer a spa-like look and feel. Being inset into the floor or on a raised shelf, our range of inset baths often make a bathroom feel extra spacious due to their sleek nature. Our collection of inset baths include whirlpool options, which offer the spa experience, as well as the look and feel.

Adamsez Signa Grand Inset Bath  Jacuzzi Opalia Inset Bath


With such a wide variety of styles, shapes, sizes and even functions, our collection of baths has something to suit everyone's needs while complimenting their bathroom. Check out some of our featured baths below!



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